Environmentally friendly community

Maumee should strive to set the standard for environmentally conscious communities. The environment should be a key factor considered in all decisions made by the city. We are located within the Lake Erie watershed and should be aware of how our actions impact our drinking water. Also, taking into consideration the environment saves money, improves health and saves time.

  • Create a special program that promotes businesses that refrain from use of single-use plastics & rewards environmentally conscience decisions

  • Make renewable energy and reducing consumption a priority

  • Incentives for residents to consume less

    • Incentives for less frequent garbage pick-ups

    • Incentives for smaller trash totes

    • Incentives for using minimal energy and electricity and for implementing renewables

  • reduce waste by making sure all organic material is composted either through personal compost bins and/or a city-wide composting service

  • Residents and the City should take care to not use harsh chemicals outside or inside to keep our water clean. Create a program that recognizes those that do with a sticker/badge

  • Remove any restrictions from zoning that make the following actions difficult:

    • Hanging laundry

    • Creating personal gardens

    • Planting fruit trees

    • Installing solar panels

    • Using gray water/rain barrel systems

    • Urban agriculture legislation

    • Having composting bins

  • Urge more gardens & community gardens

  • Incentives for use of native plants that require little to no watering and implementation of bioswales/rain gardens/permeable pavement. All of these help to reduce stormwater runoff for the city and require less water usage.

  • Encourage less mowed turf & more natural areas

  • Be sure to account for wild areas in among development

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